Wrapping it up?

It is difficult at this point to talk about “wrapping it up”, because for us everything has changed, and we are changing with it. That means new lessons, new focusses, and new problems. The students have already expressed concerns about our due dates now that we have switched focussed and have so much deep work to do. However, we know we will be using the blog to put our final project together. We like the format, and it feels important somehow to have the full story of our journey in this one place.

We know that we are taking a different angle, and we are running out of time, so we suspect we will have part of what the final project will be and some aspects will have to come later. We all talk about the “teachable moment”, we know how important it is, but we know that sometimes it demands we put everything aside in go with something we are not prepared to do. That is precisely where we are right now. Having said this, we are thrilled that the Indigenous pedagogy we used to get here has worked. After all the students identified that there was an opportunity and a new problem that demanded immediate critical and creative thinking. They felt empowered enough to think the ideas through on their own, share it with their family groups and finally move to the village to discuss it with us. Further, they talked with the other class and aligned, having conflicting conversations key in the Five Functions of Team. They are acting as Global Citizens, and using techniques we taught them. It is difficult to be upset with this…but wow, the work involved!

Were intend to take a few of the groups final projects and put them in the blog itself. I noticed when putting in my keynote that this mean using a link, so we will need to determine if this is the best way to present the pieces. We will also need to work hard to see each other out of class time, as time has become a real premium with all the work of dividing the school. In order to complete the pieces and write out final report we will need to have our own consensus between the three of us. Looking forward to the challenge.